Precious Diamonds & Semiprecious Gems beautiful gemstones

Gemstones many colours to suit all jewellery tastes.

Gemstones are highly sought after for their beauty, amazing colours and relative rarity. Sometimes it is hard to believe that these beautiful gemstones are actually just a mineral or rock. Many gemstones, such as ones we know today, are fairly hard on the Mohs hardness chart, generally above 5 in hardness on the Mohs scale. They also have a great “glow” or colour and because of this many gemstones are popular with jewellery customers.

Gemstones chemical compostition effects stones colour

All gemstones colours are formed due to various elements and the chemical composition of the gemstone, such as aluminium for rubies (red gems stones) or carbon for diamonds. Gemstones are available in various colours and can be used to create the most spectacular jewellery when combined with precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum. Many gemstones are prized for their specific colours, for example Aquamarine is blue, Bixbite is red, Heliodor is yellow, Morganite is pink, Emerald is green and finally there is a special type called Goshenite, which is thought of as colourless or clear. These are of course just a sample and there are indeed numerous varieties of gemstones in countless other colours and shades.

Original precious stones Diamond,Amethyst,Sapphire,Ruby & Emerald

As far as value, gemstones used to be classified as precious or semi-precious. Diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, and finally amethyst were the “original” five precious stones, as the public commonly perceived them this way.

Rough semi-precious stones & precious gemstone availability

Gemstones are commonly found at almost any retail gift shop. Any nature type place visited usually offers gemstones for sale. Often times, retailers throughout the US offer an extremely small bag, no bigger than four, three maybe five inches in height and two to four inches in length. With this bag they allow you, for a set price of maybe $3 to $6 to keep as many rough uncut gemstones as you can fit in the bag. The problem with this is since the bag is so small to begin with, very few rough gemstones can fit in there. This is a common retail trick used by sellers. Regardless of high prices, people still by the precious gems for their beauty and as souvenirs.

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