Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins

The Canada Gold Maple Coin .9999 pure gold bullion coins.

Canadian Gold Maples are one of the worlds most popular method of holding physical Gold Bullion for investment. This is due in part to the fact that the Gold Maple Leafs purity is .9999 or 24 carat pure Gold Bullion The Gold Maple is also sold at a very low premium over gold fix market base rate making it one of the less expensive ways to purchase physical investment gold. After the success of the gold maple coin the Canadian Government also decided to mint a 1oz Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coin in the year 1988.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coins

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion coins history.

Canada Gold Maple coins were first minted in 1979 with Canada’s national emblem of a Maple Leaf on the back of the coin, with Queen Elizabeth II shown on front of the maple coin. The Canadian Royal Mint was the first to mint a coin of pure .999 gold rather than using the more popular alloyed 22 carat gold to produce bullion coins. The idea behind minting maple gold bullion coins from 99.99% pure gold was that investment gold coins are not intended to be handled and used as currency so harder wearing alloyed less pure gold was not required. All gold used to mint Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coins comes from gold mines in Canada.

Maple Leaf coins gold bullion weights and face value available

Gold Maples are available in various weights and face values, all valued in Canadian Dollars and all maple leaf coins are backed by the government of Canada. The available denominations and weights of canadian maple coins are $1-1/20 oz , $2 - 1/15 oz , $5 - 1/10 oz , $10 - ¼ oz , $20 - ½ and $50 - 1 ounce weight gold bullion coins. Only the larger sized gold maple coins are suitable for investment in gold bullion and the 1 ounce gold maple leaf is most popular with physical gold investors. The gold maple leaf is also popular with jewellers as a source of pure gold bullion for use in creating various gold karat ratings for jewellery manufacture.

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