Silver Bullion Investment Market

Silver Bullion metal market investment to help diversify your assets.

Silver Bullion can be a valuable commodity for the invester looking for a varied portfolio. Although silver is one of the lower priced precious metals in the bullion market it is traded extensively on the commodities market. Silver is a fairly soft precious metal , although not as malleable as Gold Bullion. Silver metal has a bright white colour and can be polished to a very high shine.

Silver Price Fix Market

Investing in Silver Bullion and VAT

Investing in Silver can be accomplished on the various commodities markets or can be physically traded in its various silver bullion forms. Currently Gold Bullion within the European Union can be bought without Value Added Tax (VAT) , but Silver bullion for investment is still subject to VAT when purchased unlike gold investment bullion.

Silver Investments in physical Silver Bullion Coins or Ingot Bars.

Options to invest in silver bullion market with physical silver bullion

Silver can be invested in by actually physically purchasing and storing ingots (bars) or silver minted coins. Many forms of bullion bars are available from various mints all over the world from small 1 gram size silver bars to 1000 ounce ingots. Silver bullion coins can be easier to store and sell but attract a slightly higher premium over the silver bullion spot market price. Many countries mint silver coins in their own currencies but some of the more commonly available are the united states of america Eagle silver coins and the Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coinage.

Silver Bullion industrial and Jewellery trade uses

Silver has many industrial uses in its various forms such as halide, nitrate or salts as well as its popular precious metal use. As a precious metal silver bullion is used extensively in the jewellery trade and silverware manufacture. Jewellery is most often made from Sterling Silver which is a silver alloy of at least 92.5% pure silver bullion alloyed most often with copper to make the Sterling Silver into a slightly harder alloy.

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