Silver prices finally set to fall after touching lifetime highs!

25th January - 2011

Silver prices and their huge run the last few months finally seem to cool down a little today. Silver, which had touched its all time high of $30 per ounce and edged over it briefly in the year 2010 saw a fall in prices today. Silver prices fell in a sharp decline, to touch as low as $26.556 by a little after 8AM EST.

The Market later rebounded in the New York Mercantile exchange, but ended with a loss of 2.01% by the end of trade. Both Gold and Silver equity Futures also saw a fall in prices. They dropped about a little over 1% at the open of trade, also closing in the red. Analysts are seeing Silver as more volatile than current Gold price movements for the near future even considering the current turbulent environment in Gold's precious metal market.

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