Silver Bullion Canadian Maple Leaf Coins

Canadian Maple bullion coins Maple Leaf silver coin

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf silver bullion coins are one of the first silver bullion coin to be minted in pure 99.99% silver. Backed by the Canadian Government for purity of silver and weight (1 ounce weight per silver maple coin) Silver bullion maples are a perfect way to invest in silver bullion physically.

Silver Bullion Canadian Maple Leaf Coins

Silver Maples bullion coins 99.99% pure Silver Bullion

Due to the high purity of silver bullion in silver maples of .9999 pure silver they are a popular way of investing in the silver market.

Canadian Maple Leaf coin Silver investment Bullion coins history

Full troy ounce silver bullion makes the Maple Leaf perfect for investment

First struck in 1988 at the Canadian Royal Mint 1oz silver maples followed after the success of the Candian Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coins which were first minted in 1979. Similar to the gold maples the silver maple leaf bullion coins bear the Canadian national symbol of a Maple Leaf on one side and the image of Queen Elizabeth II on the other. Silver bullion canadian maple leaf coins also attract a low percentage premium over the silver fix market rate making them even more interesting for silver bullion investment.

1oz Silver Maples bullion coins face value $5 Canadian Dollars

Canada silver maple leaf coins have a face value in Canadian Dollars guaranteed by the Canadian Government of $5. Silver Maples are minted from pure silver of 99.99% purity or 999.9 parts per thousand silver, they weigh in at 31.104 grams. Out of the total 31.104 grams weight of a silver maple leaf coin 31.1 grams is guaranteed to be pure silver bullion,meaning there is one troy ounce of silver in each canadian maple.

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